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Katie Danvers is a hot turtlenecked dominatrix in this girl on girl picture set. She is with her favourite plaything, Ms Anija, and she decides to tie her up - much to Anija's delight. Katie playfully runs the rope around Anija's neck as Anija plays with her breasts. Katie starts with binding Anija's legs to the chair. She then binds her arms and lets Anjija squirm and struggle with delight.

Katie is wearing a slinky tight blue tneck with a black corset over the top, long black skirt with side slit and black heels

Anija is wearing a tight, figure hugging, stripey tneck with just her pants and some super cute long socks.

Fetish elements


  • Girl on girl
  • Consensual bondage
  • Tight slinky poly turtleneck
  • Tight stripey cotton mix turtleneck
  • Corset
  • Long socks
  • Necking


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Francesca - Bondage Playtime

Francesca Louise9:07 minutes and 55 imagesBondage
Francesca - Bondage Playtime 0
Francesca - Bondage Playtime 1
Francesca - Bondage Playtime 2

Francesca is crazy hot in this HD video and picture set. The video is one half masturbation play and the other half is bondage play. 

Francesca looks stunning in her tight skinny grey turtleneck, shiny black leather mini skirt, long socks, and beaten up Converse All-Stars.

She looks at you as she plays with herself, her hands playing with her pierced nipples. She slips her hands down her pants and she starts to get super horny. She looks at you and begs to be tied up. You tie her up with soft black rope and cuff her ankles in black leather restraints. Francesca loves it and brings herself to climax through writhing and wriggling. 

Fetish elements

  • Skinny turtleneck
  • Beat-up Converse
  • Bondage
  • Masturbation
  • Restraints
  • Long socks
  • Leather skirt

Francesca is a great model and actress and loves helping being fantasies to life. Find out more about bringing your ideas to life by clicking here.