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Jane Doe plays a nosy reporter, on the trail of a story about a crime network that has led her to a rundown warehouse on the outskirts of town. She is driven by the thought of glory and making her name in journalism, so much so that she enters the building on her own to get a closer look. 

Once inside, she has a good look around. Unbeknown to her, she has been spotted and is being stalked by one of the gang. She is grabbed from behind and roughed up. The attacker likes how the soft turtleneck feels under his hands and squeezes the reporter's throat over and over again. She is shoved into a chair, where she is tied up tight. Her neck is fondled by her attacker, who pulls the turtleneck up and over the reporter's face. She is asked who she works for. 

With her feet and hands bound, the reporter begs for help. Her pleas are met with a gag and a blindfold. The realisation of how this will end dawns on the reporter. She will be all over the front pages of the papers and lead story on the news channels, just as she dreamed, but for being a victim and not for being a hero. She sobs and quietly begs as her attacker appears to end her torment.

Fetish elements

  • Soft, natural-fibre turtleneck
  • Nosy reporter/private investigator/girl detective roleplay
  • Damsel in distress
  • Attacked from behind
  • Hands over mouth
  • Hands on throat
  • Bondage
  • Blindfold
  • Gagged
  • Menaced
  • Crying
  • Begging

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Comments and ratings

Date Username Rating Comment
February 21, 2014 15:40 swbond ★★★★★ Good acting, pretty model. Loved the soft turtleneck.
October 11, 2020 13:37 unknown ★★★☆☆ no comment entered
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