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Amber DeVine and Katie Danvers look amazing as two very prim and proper librarian-looking friends. Both wear soft, natural fibre turtlenecks, tweed skirts, and brogues. Katie also wears a matching cardigan. 

The action starts with Katie and Amber cuddled up on the sofa reading books. Katie strokes Amber's hair as Amber snuggles close. The two friends share a kiss, which quickly leads to a long making out session. They play with each other's necks and breasts and love touching each other's soft jumpers.

But as the two friends are making out, a turtlenecked stranger comes through the curtains and attacks them as they kiss. They struggle as he overpowers them with chemical-soaked rag but they quickly succumb. 

When the friends come to, they discover they have been moved and bound tightly to two chairs. They struggle to get free but without success. Realising the inevitability of their fate, the two friends stop struggling and start kissing.

With this video, the making out section runs to almost 4 minutes, the takedown is about a minute and included some great slow pans of the girls out cold, the bondage section is about 5 minutes.

Fetish elements

  • Soft, natural fibre, turtlenecks
  • Prim and proper, librarian, bookish looks
  • Damsels in distress
  • Girl on girl / lesbians
  • Bondage
  • Kindap and takedown using a chemical-soaked rag
  • Bondage AND two girls kissing

Some of the elements have come from client requests, such as the two girls tied, the cardigan, and the attacker also wearing a turtleneck. We do love to hear your ideas, so please get in touch at

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Both Amber and Katie are both amazing models and awesome actresses. Both are available for custom requests - as individuals or as a pair - so if you have a fantasy they can act out for you, just email


Comments and ratings

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February 23, 2014 14:57 swbond ★★★★★ The ladies did a great job, they were very sexy. I would rather not have the cardigan hide her pretty breasts.
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