Purple Ribbed Playtime 0
Purple Ribbed Playtime 1
Purple Ribbed Playtime 2
Purple Ribbed Playtime 3
Purple Ribbed Playtime 4

Harley looks awesomely hot in her soft purple ribbed turtleneck and she knows how much you love turtlenecks. She loves the way her body feels through the natural fibres. She runs her hands over her breasts and slips her skirt off, all the while looking into your eyes. She plays with the neck and pulls the neck up over her face, knowing how much you love that. She lays down on her bed and takes off her tights. Harley slips her hands up her jumper to play with her breasts, the jumper rides up to show her nipples. You look down on her as she writhes around on the bed, her hands playing with her breasts and her pussy until she climaxes. She then curls up on the bed next to you.

Fetish elements

  • Soft, natural fibre turtleneck
  • Girlfriend roleplay
  • Strip tease
  • Breast squeezing
  • Naked breasts
  • Lingerie
  • Masturbation
  • Point of view camera work, eg, it puts you on top of Harley or by her side

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