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This HD video was sent to me from my brother Johnny, who looks after altgirlsbound.com

He was auditioning a new model, Kook, and she happened to turn up wearing a hot pink turtleneck. He mentioned turtlenecktease to her and she almost flipped out because she loves to wear turtlenecks - and I mean loves to wear them.

We don't normally share audition tapes BUT this one is hot - really hot. It's about half solo play and half bondage. It's quite short - just over 2 minutes - hence the reduced price. 

So do you think I should get Kook over for a proper turtlenecktease shoot? And should we upload more audition tapes? 

Fetish elements

  • tight cotton turtleneck
  • milf
  • bondage
  • breasts
  • breast fondling / squeezing
  • outrageously high heels


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Kook is an amazing model and awesome actress. She is available for custom requests so if you have a fantasy she can act out for you, just email info@houseofwonders.co.uk


Comments and ratings

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February 23, 2014 14:49 swbond ★★★★★ Kook is hot! Hope to see her braless in a future vid.
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