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This awesome video is a request from a client. Hope you enjoy it. 

Katie Danvers looks amazingly hot in her fuzzy fluffy soft turtleneck, tight black leggings and black boots. She is guarding her boss's base, when she is attacked from behind by a spy in a chunky turtleneck. She struggles to get free, but he overpowers her. He puts his hand on her throat and squeezes until she is out cold. When she wakes, she is bound tightly to a chair. She tries to break free #, but can't. Her attacker comes in and gags her and then blindfolds her with silk head scarves and leaves her there.

Fetish elements

  • Soft, fuzzy, fluffy, natural fibre, turtleneck
  • Attack from behind
  • Struggling
  • Hands on throat
  • Bondage
  • Damsel in distress
  • Riding boots and leggings
  • Gagged and blindfolded
  • Silk scarves

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Comments and ratings

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February 21, 2014 00:46 swbond ★★★★★ Pretty model and nice sweater.
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