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If you like cashmere and you like girls making out, you'll love this. 

Francesca is lobing her new cashmere turtleneck and is playing with herself and getting very turned on. Katie comes into the bedroom and is also wearing her cashmere turtleneck. The two start kissing and making out. The play with each other's breasts. Katie sits behind Francesca and reaches around to play with her breasts. She lifts her jumper, pulls her cashmere sleeves over her hands and gently caresses Francesca's nipple with her cashmere. It's then Francesca's turn to sit behind Katie and play with her breasts. They both end up laying on the bed and take it in turns to bring each other to climax.

Fetish elements

  • Cashmere turtlenecks
  • Girl on girl
  • Pantyhose
  • Lingerie
  • Masturbation
  • Breast play
  • Pierced nipples 

Both Francesca and Katie are both ace models and actresses and both love helping to bring fantasies to life. Find out more about bringing your ideas to life by clicking here.


Comments and ratings

Date Username Rating Comment
August 25, 2014 16:19 cimmerian ★★★★★ Loved this set! The models look great in cashmere and their acting was very sensual. Thanks!
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