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Bound in Angora 2

Kiki looks great as a sexy geeky girlfriend dressed in her favourite pink tight turtleneck and her favourite soft, fluffy white angora turtleneck. The combo is making her very horny and she plays with her breasts as she waits for her boyfriend to come home. When he does, he asks her what she wants to do, she says she wants to "play" and has a "surprise" - lots and lots of rope. First is a chest harness to make her big breasts pop out even more. She loves playing with her breasts one last time before her arms are tied tightly behind her back. She squeals and moans as she gets more and more turned on. Her ankles are bound and the  play time finishes with a hogtie.

Fetish elements

  • Tight pink turtleneck
  • Soft fluffy angora turtleneck
  • Big breasts
  • Bondage

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Comments and ratings

Date Username Rating Comment
March 24, 2014 16:33 cimmerian ★★★★★ Pretty shapely girl in angora and bondage...what's not to like. Great job Kiki! Thanks
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