The Interview - Mia Valentine bound in soft green - video and images 0
The Interview - Mia Valentine bound in soft green - video and images 1
The Interview - Mia Valentine bound in soft green - video and images 2

Mia Valentine looks stunning in her debut film for

She wears a tight little black skirt, pantyhose, a tight black soft natural fibre cardigan and, of course, a super soft light green fuzzy turtleneck with ribbed collar and cuffs.

Mia has been invited in for a job interview but, when she arrives at the location, no one is there. She calls out as she idly plays with her collar. The jumper feels so soft that she forgets where she is and starts fondling her breasts. She is a million miles away when the attack happens. There's a quick struggle before a chloro-hankerchief is placed over her mouth and nose. She sinks to the ground.

When the lights come up, Mia is bound in a chair. There are lots of lingering shots as she is out cold. She struggles and calls out for help, but no ever comes. She is desperate to escape and begs you to be let go.

Fetish elements

  • Super soft fuzzy turtleneck
  • Office wear
  • Prim and proper
  • Breast play
  • Pearls
  • Attack and takedown
  • Chloro-chief handgag
  • out cold, dozing
  • Bondage
  • Damsel in distress
  • Begging

Mia is an amazing model and awesome actress and is happy to help bring your fantasies to life.

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Guard Takedown

Katie Danvers9:26 MinutenBondage
Guard Takedown 0
Guard Takedown 1
Guard Takedown 2

This awesome video is a request from a client. Hope you enjoy it. 

Katie Danvers looks amazingly hot in her fuzzy fluffy soft turtleneck, tight black leggings and black boots. She is guarding her boss's base, when she is attacked from behind by a spy in a chunky turtleneck. She struggles to get free, but he overpowers her. He puts his hand on her throat and squeezes until she is out cold. When she wakes, she is bound tightly to a chair. She tries to break free #, but can't. Her attacker comes in and gags her and then blindfolds her with silk head scarves and leaves her there.

Fetish elements

  • Soft, fuzzy, fluffy, natural fibre, turtleneck
  • Attack from behind
  • Struggling
  • Hands on throat
  • Bondage
  • Damsel in distress
  • Riding boots and leggings
  • Gagged and blindfolded
  • Silk scarves

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Katie is an amazing model and awesome actress. She is available for custom requests so if you have a fantasy she can act out for you, just email


Three's A Crowd - video and images

Jessica Jones, Jinx und Ms Anija7:00 Minuten und 30 BilderLesbian
Three's A Crowd - video and images 0
Three's A Crowd - video and images 1
Three's A Crowd - video and images 2
Three's A Crowd - video and images 3
Three's A Crowd - video and images 4

Jessica, Jinx and Anija are hanging out in their skinny tight turtlenecks and knickers. One thing leads to another and they all start making out with each other. To make sure no one is left out, each takes a turn in the middle. There's lots of kissing and breast fondling. And it's three girls ... in turtlenecks ... making out. It's as hot as it sounds

Fetish elements

  • Skinny tight turtlenecks
  • Girl on girl
  • Breast play
  • Knickers
  • Kissing

All three girls are available for custom jobs, so if you've an idea you'd like to see brought to life, click here to find out more

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Cashmere Friends - video and stills

Jinx und Ms Anija17:08 Minuten und 58 BilderBondage
Cashmere Friends - video and stills 0
Cashmere Friends - video and stills 1
Cashmere Friends - video and stills 2
Cashmere Friends - video and stills 3
Cashmere Friends - video and stills 4

If you like your turtlenecks soft and fuzzy, and you like girls making out, then you should really check this out. Some of the half length body shots of the girls on the bed, you can really see the texture of the jumpers - so much so you can almost feel them.

This video and picture set was sponsored by a client, who was also kind eneough to send in the jumpers :D

The action starts with Anija bound and gagged and sat on the bed. Her brown cashmere tneck fits her perfectly. She struggles and moans but can't get free. Her flatmate Jinx comes into the bedroom and takes the gag out. Anija explains that she was having fun with her boyfriend and he had tied her up and just left her. Jinx says it would be a shame to waste the opportunity and the pair start to make out. Soft, tentative kisses at first. 

Jinx unties Anija and lay her on the bed, where the two make out and Jinx straddles Anija. They fool about and make each other hornier and hornier. Jinx asks Anija what it was like being tied up, to which Anija replies "I'll show you". Anija then ties Jinx up and the two make out. Anija then gets up leaves a very horny and frustrated Jinx moaning and struggling on the bed. 

Fetish elements

  • Cashmere
  • Bondage
  • Ball gag
  • Girl on girl
  • Knickers
  • Fishnet tights
  • Domination
  • Breast play

As mentioned, a subscriber sponsored this shoot. You can find out more about the different ways you can have you ideas bought to life by clicking here

Here's what the client said when we sent him the video and stills: "It is the ultimate fantasy come to life. It was perfect from the quality of the filming to the beautiful models acting. Better then I imagined, well worth it. I could spend years searching through the internet and never find anything even close to this. Can't say enough how well the two models did. They made it the most erotic thing I've ever seen.Thank you so much."

Jessica - sneakered and bound in red VIDEO and IMAGES 0
Jessica - sneakered and bound in red VIDEO and IMAGES 1
Jessica - sneakered and bound in red VIDEO and IMAGES 2

Jessica Jones is back and is looking stunning in a really tight red soft turtleneck. It's quite long so she just wears that, knickers, pantyhose and red Converse. She starts by touching herself, and feeling her body as she licks her lips at you. She is getting more and more horny so there's only one way this can go - tie her up. You tie her up to a chair. Her arms and body are bound but her hands are free so she can still play with her breastt. She is bound tightly above the knees and at the ankles. As she squirms and wriggles, she gets more and more aroused. 

Fetish elements

  • Blonde
  • Slinky red natural fibre turtleneck
  • Touching
  • Breasts
  • Pantyhose
  • Converse
  • Sneakers
  • Bondage
  • Lip-licking

Jessica is available for custom jobs, so if there's a fantasy she can help bring to life check out this and get in touch