Turtleneck hogtie and ballgag 0
Turtleneck hogtie and ballgag 1
Turtleneck hogtie and ballgag 2
Turtleneck hogtie and ballgag 3
Turtleneck hogtie and ballgag 4

Despite her European upbringing, it seems Robbyn had never been hogtied before. Well Turtleneck Tease is clearly the perfect place to start and Robyn went straight for the black turtleneck, shorts, sneakers, rope and ballgag combo. Excellent start.

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Katie v Harley - turtleneck bondage 0
Katie v Harley - turtleneck bondage 1
Katie v Harley - turtleneck bondage 2
Katie v Harley - turtleneck bondage 3
Katie v Harley - turtleneck bondage 4

Harley is back and wearing a sleeveless black turtleneck and gets hogtied and gagged

Turtleneck Hogtie

Katie Danvers und Ms Anija10:16 Minuten und 43 BilderBondage
Turtleneck Hogtie 0
Turtleneck Hogtie 1
Turtleneck Hogtie 2
Turtleneck Hogtie 3
Turtleneck Hogtie 4

Anija and Katie in the attic again. they must love it!

Its cold up there this time of year, so tneck jumpers are on, jeans are on, sneakers are on. Just add rope!

  • hogtie
  • tneck sweater
  • jeans
  • rope
  • sneakers


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