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If you like girls in ribbed turtlenecks making out and getting tied up, this is for you.

Katie Danvers returns to turtlenecktease in this crazy hot video, starring alongside with new girl Francesca. 

Katie looks awesome in her tight red ribbed tneck, while Fran is stunning in her grey rib.

The video starts with both girls laying on the bed masturbating, looking at each other. Katie rolls over and starts making out with Francesca. There's lots of kissing, breast fondling, heavy breathign, moaning, etc. Katie slips her hand between Francesca's legs and Fran moans hard and load as Katie finds her spot. 

Then Katie takes it up a gear and ties Francesca up in sexy black rope. She kisses her lips, her neck, and plays with her breasts and Katie plays with her own breasts. She masturbates Francesca again, only this time she climaxes. 

Fetish elements

  • Girl on girl
  • Masturbation
  • Breast fondling
  • Ribbed turtlenecks
  • Bondage

Both models are available for custom jobs, so if either can help bring your ideas to life, click here to find out more


Kommentare und Bewertungen

Datum Benutzername Bewertung Kommentar
Sonntag, 06. Juli 2014, 19:26 Uhr anonym ★★★☆☆ Doesn't work.
Montag, 07. Juli 2014, 10:41 Uhr Turtleneck Tease Download issue sorted. Enjoy :D
Dienstag, 08. Juli 2014, 16:38 Uhr cimmerian ★★★★★ Really liked it. The girls did a great job! Thanks.
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