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Melody is at her sexy best in these images. We've had quite a few requests for blouses to be worn over turtlenecks and, as always, we are happy to oblige. Melody loves how her tneck and blouse feel so tight against her curves. She plays with her breasts and slowly unbuttons her blouse, her pierced clit is visible thanks to her crotchless panties. She plays with herself on the couch and is photographed from all angles.

Fetish Elements

  • Tight slinky turtleneck
  • Blouse worn over tneck
  • Turtleneck pulled over face
  • Pierced clit
  • Breast play
  • Masturbation

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Kommentare und Bewertungen

Datum Benutzername Bewertung Kommentar
Samstag, 30. August 2014, 03:30 Uhr newlupinethrill ★★★☆☆ Kein Kommentar eingegeben
Freitag, 28. November 2014, 17:26 Uhr anonym ★★★★★ Melody is hot, I'd love to see more of her!
Freitag, 28. November 2014, 22:59 Uhr redturtleneck ★★★★★ Turtlenecks with collar up is my favorite, and love the payoff shots where her face, collar and masturbating hand show visible at same time. Melody, we love you!
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