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Kiki's Job Interview 1
Kiki's Job Interview 2

Kiki has a ball making this film and I think it shows. The premise is simple - if turtlenecktease held job interviews for its models, what would they be like? What would the model wear? What would she say about turtlenecks? What would she do at the interview?

Kiki is looking super hot in her black business suit, Louboutin shoes and tight red turtleneck. She is nervous because she really wants the job, which makes her giggle and play with her neck a lot. She tells the interviewer how much she loves wearing tnecks, how she wears them all day.All the time she is talking, shel is playing with her neck and stroking her chest. She explains in detail just why she loves them and how horny they make her feel and how much she loves touching herself when she wears a turtleneck. She then offers to show the interviewer how much she enjoys tnecks. 

She slips her jacket off and starts playing with herself. She lifts her jumper up to reveal her large breasts. She lifts her skirt and slips her hand between her legs. She squeals and moans with delight and climaxes hard. Kiki pulls her neck up over face consistently throughout the film.

This is a great masturbation film and a must for anyone who likes large breasts. Please note the dialogue stops during the masturbation.

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  • Business suit
  • Tight turtleneck
  • Turtleneck pulled over face
  • Masturbation
  • Large breasts
  • Hot woman talking about how she loves turtlenecks and how horny they make her feel


DISCLAIMER: Please please note that the job interview part of this film is all staged. I would never film someone saying it was a test and then upload it. Never ever ever. 

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