Jinx and Mia Playtime pt2 0
Jinx and Mia Playtime pt2 1
Jinx and Mia Playtime pt2 2

Mia Valentine and Jinx amazing in one of the hottest films we've made to date. Mia is Jinx submissive sex slave but then turns the tables on her domme.

In part one ...

Mia wears a cashmere turtleneck, panties and nylons. Her arms are tied behind her back, bound at the elbows and wrists. She also has a ball gag and is wearing a collar and leash. She is led into the bedroom by her mistress Jinx, who turns Mia around, inspecting her. Jinx plays and toys with Mia, stroking her, nuzzling her neck and playing with her breasts. She removes the ball gag and she teases Mia with her mouth. Mia begs to be kissed ... Jinx eventually obliges. Jinx bends Mia over and spanks her several times. Jinx then stands behind Mia and lifts her jumper to reveal the sub's breasts. Jinx pulls her angora sleeves over her hands and lightly strokes Mia's breasts with her soft and fuzzy turtleneck, making Mia hornier and hornier.  Jinx eventually stops teasing her, and the pair continue to make out. Jinx takes Mia's collar and leash off and unties her and the pair end up on the bed. Jinx is dominating on top, pinning Mia's arms down. This part ends with Jinx crashing out and Mia hatching a wicked plan to turn the tables on her dom.

In part two ...

This part repeats the Jinx and Mia on the bed with Jinx on top, dominating Mia. Jinx crashes out and Mia hatches a wicked plan to get her own back. While Jinx is out, Mia changes Jinx's jumper to a black cashmere mock turtleneck and Mia puts on the black angora turtleneck. (Please note, this change happens off camera). Jinx wakes up with her arms tied behind her, ball gag in, and wearing a collar and leash. She struggles. Mia comes in and explains that Jinx can't have all the fun. Mia helps her up, and teases her, kisses her neck and strokes her breasts Mia takes the ball gag out and the couple kiss and tease. The scene ends with Mia leading Jinx out of the bedroom.

We don't normally split videos into two, but we shot this for a client and it ended up being very long with two distinct halves. The film was scripted and all the action mapped out by one of our subscribers, who sponsored the shoot. Sponsoring a shoot is a great alternative to a full custom job. You can find out more here

Fetish elements

  • Angora turtleneck
  • Cashmere turtleneck
  • Rope bondage
  • Ball gag
  • Collar and leash
  • Girl on girl
  • Breasts
  • Breast play
  • Panties
  • Nylons
  • Shiny Legging
  • High heels
  • Femdom
  • Domination
  • Status play


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