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It's Agent Jane Doe's first mission working for the Agency. It's simple enough: travel to an abandoned mill and deliver some files to a contact. She arrives and the meeting point is suspiciously quiet. She calls out for the contact but no one is there. She gets a bad feeling so she arms herself just to be safe. 

Suddenly there's a hand round her mouth and her firearm is taken from her. She struggles to get free but her attacker tightly squeezes her throat until she is out cold. She awakes to find herself tied to chair. She calls out for help, begging to be set free, but it's all in vain. She cries out that there must have been some mistake, but it's all in vain. She is questioned by her attacker. But she knows nothing. So she is no good to anyone and she is disposed of. 

This is an awesome video with lots of pleading and begging. Jane Doe really puts in her best damsel in distress performance to date. 

Fetish elements

  • Skinny tight turtleneck under a tight blouse
  • Glasses
  • Geeky bookish librarian look
  • Takedown
  • Attack
  • Hand-gag
  • Hands tight around throat
  • Bondage
  • Interrogation

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Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014, 15:09 Uhr swbond ★★★☆☆ As you said jane acted very good. Rather have the shirt taken off with the jacket leaving the tight sweater.
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